Pipail: plastic pails for containing paints and industrial products under the form of pastes and dust

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Environmental sustainability is one of Pipail’s fundamental principles, and has always been the starting point of our choices and investments. Above all, it does not finish where slogans and hypothetical statements end, but translates to a series of tangible facts. We are aware of our company’s environmental and social responsibility, and are likewise determined to continue to implement all the processes necessary to lead us, our suppliers, and our clients to minimize carbon footprint and contribute to the development of a circular economy.

Pipail uses pre- and post-consumer recycled plastic material to manufacture new containers. This goes to prove its specific effort in the promotion of a circular economy.

Pipail was the first-ever company in its sector to obtain an IPPR (Italian institution for the promotion of recycled plastics) PSV-PLASTICA SECONDA VITA (“plastic-second life”) environmental certification. PSV is the first-ever European label dedicated to recycled plastic, which introduced and certifies the concepts of quality and traceability.

At its plants, Pipail use completely automated hybrid machinery that does not directly generate gases and fumes. It also recovers used pallets, to contribute to the circular reuse system, and has been awarded at the PRS (Pallet Return System) in 2019 and 2020.

Ever since its establishment, Pipail has strongly invested in R&D for the design of containers with a low raw material consumption at no loss in performance.

Our Decolith line, developed completely since 1990, is the example of innovation that has brought a change in the industrial plastic pail market, distinguished by 100% recyclability of both the pail and label.